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The Exclusion of Darker Skin Tones in the Beauty Community

Darker skin tones are often excluded in the beauty community, but 2 brands, Boafo Beauty and Fenty Beauty have done an excellent job in breaking down these barriers for individuals of color.

Individuals with darker skin tones that wear makeup are often excluded from the beauty community. While brands claim to embrace all tones, there’s still a significant disconnect from what they say in the press versus what they actually do.

The climbing racial tensions in the U.S. and a continuous trend of colorism have contributed to the exclusion of darker skin tones. These underlying issues have recently been brought to the public’s attention, but still, brands are slow to implement change. A few extra foundation shades can’t be the end of the adaptation, especially when lighter skin tones have 30 variations in comparison.

Black individuals, specifically black and brown women with darker skin tones, are systematically excluded from the beauty industry. This is seen through the lack of representation in advertising, product, and even beauty administration.

But while the industry has continuously excluded POC with darker skin tones, specifically Black women, two brands have notably stepped up to the plate. Both Boafo Beauty and Fenty Beauty have made their business space of inclusivity across the board despite society's efforts to exclude darker skin tones.

Boafo Beauty

One of the main reasons I’ve found myself working for Boafo Beauty is its mission for inclusivity, especially for darker skin tones. Our mission is to break down the barriers that exclude POC from products, representation, advertising and so much more by standing in that very large gap. This can be seen with a glance at our Instagram. We’re dedicated to creating products that accentuate the same features that are often looked down upon. And we do so by delivering high-quality products that are cruelty-free and sustainable, as well as affordable. A few products that do this especially well are our Monarch Highlighting Palette and Colorful Lash Collection Gift Set.

Fenty Beauty

This newfound giant in the beauty created by pop-icon Robyn Rihanna Fenty came into the game swinging. Right from their release, they’ve made it their mission to be inclusive on all fronts. The most famous example of this is the brand's beloved foundation line with a whopping 50 shades to date. While it may be true that other brands have lines with this many shades, rarely do they ever extend into deeper shades like Fenty Beauty. Fenty, to this day, has stayed consistent fighting the uphill battle of exclusion of darker skin tones. Unfortunately, Fenty hasn’t responded to requests to comment, but their Instagram showcases their work in the community beautifully.

All in all, these brands shouldn't be the minority. Every brand should make it their personal business to ensure all races and all skin tones are catered to regardless of society's racially motivated standards.


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