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About Boafo Beauty

Beauty For the Bold & Fearless

Est 2020 - New York City


When creating this brand,  beauty consumers of all colors, ethnicities, genders, and backgrounds were in mind. In an industry where we're still not all represented, Boafo Beauty strives  to contribute towards breaking down those inclusion barriers day by day, product by product.

Boafo Beauties are Bold, Optimistic, Ambitious, Fearless, and Outspoken individuals who want to foster growth and drive positivity within their communities.

We are here to help you do that! We strive to not only deliver high quality products that are produced in a cruelty free and sustainable manner, but with affordable pricing!

When you shop BB, you are helping us fulfill our overall goal which is to empower and elevate our communities through inclusivity, charity, and outreach.

Boafo Beauty's Practices

Boafo Beauty practices .png
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