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Boafo Beauty Scholarship Fund

2021 Application

For the first time ever, Boafo Beauty is hosting an annual scholarship giveaway! This year we will be granting $500 to one individual. The scholarship will be awarded as a check, and can be used to cover school supplies, creative project ventures, and etcetera. Ultimately, this fund is meant to help kickstart or fuel the winner’s goals and ventures. 

Boafo Beauties  is made for Bold, Optimistic, Ambitious, Fearless and Outspoken Individuals who want to foster growth and drive positive change within their communities. This Scholarship program is meant to be awarded to an individual who demonstrates these characteristics and is passionate about driving positive change within their communities. 

To apply, please fill out the  application below by February ​28th 2020 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time. No exceptions

Part One: Background Information

Upload File

Part Two: Demographics

Part Three: Schooling Information

Are you a graduating high school senior or a current higher education student?

Part Four: Essay (900 Words MAX)

Prompt: What Issue is your community facing? How have you worked towards bettering the issue or how do you plan to?

In this Essay You Should:

  • Identify a community you are part of or passionate about

  • Identify a major issue in the community you have chosen to address 

  • Discuss your solutions to the issue at hand

  • Talk about what you have done for the community or plan to do. 

  • Express your passion for the community. 

Part Five: Resume and Supplemental Materials Submission

Do you own any Boafo Beauty products
Upload File

Below you may attach supplemental materials. This is optional and will not harm your application if you do not submit. You may only upload up to 2 supplemental materials.

Here is a list of materials that are accepted

  • Portfolio

  •  Media Kit

  •  Cover Letter  

  • Additional Essay with topic of your choice as it relates to the program/application

Please check what you are submitting
Upload File
Please check what you are submitting
Upload File

Thanks for submitting! We look forward to reading your application, and you will hear back from us soon!  You will be sent an email confirmation shortly.

Our apologies, this form is no longer accepting applications. Submissions were due on Feb 28th 2021 at 11:59 EST. If you think you are seeing this page by mistake, please reach out to us via the contact page.

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