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The Boafo Beauty Scholarship Fund

For the first time ever, Boafo Beauty is hosting an annual scholarship giveaway! This year we will be granting $500 to one individual. The scholarship will be awarded as a check, and can be used to cover school supplies, creative project ventures, and etcetera. Ultimately, this fund is meant to help kickstart or fuel the winner’s goals and ventures. 


Our Mission

Boafo Beauties  is made for Bold, Optimistic, Ambitious, Fearless and Outspoken Individuals who want to foster growth and drive positive change within their communities. This Scholarship program is meant to be awarded to an individual who demonstrates these characteristics and is passionate about driving positive change within their communities. 


  • Must be a minority

  • Must reside in the USA, and attend school in the USA 

  • Must show a desire/passion to drive better change in your community 

  • Passion/ aspiration to work in the  the beauty and fashion industry is a plus however not required

  • Must be a graduating  high school senior or a student that is currently enrolled in trade school or an accredited college or university 

How  to Apply

  • The application will consist of: 

    • A questionnaire 

    • A 900 word maximum essay 

    • Must submit a resume 

    • You can submit additional supplemental materials if you believe it will strengthen your application, however they are not required (Accepted Materials: Portfolio, Media Kit, Cover Letter & Additional Essay)  

Application Calendar

January 31st  ---- application opens at 10 a.m EST

February 28th  ---- last day to submit by 11:59pm EST

April 30th --- Winner  will be Announced 

May 1st --- Fund Distribution to Winner

Frequently Asked  Questions

How will the winner be chosen? 

After the application due date, a committee of seven readers will look over the applications and vote on one winner. Their decision on the application will be sent on or before April 30th. 


How many winners are selected?

One winner will be selected a year.

Will the money be directly sent to my school?

No, the money will be sent to you directly. You may use towards your school supplies or tuition bill.


Do I have to be interested in beauty to apply?

Not at all, as long as you  fit the criteria listed above, you are eligible to apply. 


Can I submit more than one supplemental item if I choose? 

Yes you may, however we recommend that you send no more than 1 to 2. 


Will not submitting a supplemental item harm my application?

No, please remember that this is an optional  item, and that not submitting a supplemental will not harm your application.

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