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Body Acceptance Influencers You Need To Follow ASAP

Social media can be a tough place at times. With all the positive things it brings, it also can breed hateful and hurtful comments. However, these two influencers are working to help promote body love and acceptance for everyone

Photo via @Taylorbosmann on Instagram

Taylor Bosman

Taylor Bosman is definitely somebody you need to be following on Instagram. A fierce and powerful social media influencer, Bosman has secured 14.6k followers on Instagram.

Her goals are to help others love and accept their bodies, and she even has an online subscription site "Built By Bosman" to help others achieve a healthy body and mindset. A survivor of an eating disorder, Bosman's page includes both beautiful photographs of her and her dog (see righthand side) and quotes to help remind her followers of their worth, to appreciate their bodies, and to thank their bodies for all the hardworking that it does for us. Check out her recent posts on Instagram.

Photo via @Shaysayss on Instagram


Growing up, being embarrassed by my skin and the acne on my face was a constant feeling–all you saw were commercials on TV telling all the products and ways you could help get rid of acne permanently. They never worked, and it left me feeling even worse about myself.

However, if I had someone like ShaySayss growing up, I wouldn't have been so insecure. ShaySayss is an NYC-based content creator who strives to promote loving the skin you're in. She wants to break down the barriers and shift the narrative that acne means that your skin is flawed. Shaysayss wants others to embrace their real, natural, and beautiful skin without having to hide it.

With 3.5k followers on Instagram, ShaySayss has certainly created a large following–additionally she is the founder of Acne Beauty Club. It's safe to say that ShaySayss is someone you need to add to your following list, check out all her posts on Instagram for inspiration and to learn more about the club.

These two influencers are both striving to help make sure that you remain confident in your body, skin, and in everyday life. On social media, the negative comments can become overwhelming, but these two women strive to help remind you that you are beautiful–no matter what those stupid negative comments say about you online. True beauty is embodied by these two women–who are here to remind you that not everything you see on social media is real.

If you want to learn more about body acceptance influencers, or just about self-love in general, be sure to follow @Boafo.Beauty and @OurDivineBodies on Instagram.

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