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Meet our 2020-2021 inaugural Brand Ambassadors Team!

Meet our first group of brand ambassadors! Each slide has a link to the ambassador’s social media profile, please check their pages out, and support these budding creatives! 

About Our Ambassador Program

The Boafo Beauty Brand Ambassadors program is about growth, network, community, and collaboration. It is about more than just promoting a brand, however it is about bringing together a community of budding beauty and fashion creatives. Through this program brand ambassadors are not only able to collaborate and connect with one another, but are also given the opportunity to engage in activities that foster positive  growth within their own communities.  


As of now, Boafo Beauty is not searching for brand ambassadors. Please follow our Instagram page @Boafo.Beauty to be be notified of the next search. If you have any questions, please send us an email via the contact page. 

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