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No, Women Don't Wear Makeup To Look Good for Men

Women–for the longest time–have been accused of trying to "catfish" men with their makeup. Many jokes about it circulate on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, etc. about how for first dates, men should "take women swimming" to see what she looks like without makeup. However, what they fail to realize is women don't wear makeup to satisfy men.

I know, this is a shocker! Many men will attempt to rebuttal my statement, however, it is the truth. A poll that was taken in 2017 stated that 63% of men think women wear makeup to trick people into thinking they are more attractive.

Now, this is an absolutely ridiculous, but very real statistic. The assumption that women are solely wearing makeup in order to make men think they are prettier, is completely false and nowhere close to the truth. Makeup–especially in 2021–has become an art form. Showcasing your makeup abilities has become the way for many people to express themselves and show off their talents.

The COVID-19 pandemic also showed how many folks who wear makeup continued to do it even with the face mask obscuring their makeup looks. Makeup lovers still chose to play with makeup every day, even while in quarantine. The makeup looks were solely for self-pleasure and exploring one's artistic abilities rather than hoping a man walking down the street will take notice of their pink eyeshadow and lipgloss.

Makeup today has become more than graphic liners, bold eye makeup, and fabulous lip colors. Many makeup fanatics look at their skin as a blank canvas for them to be able to work their art on. Or, some people simply feel confident when they put on a makeup look–whether it's a bold or natural look. These looks are all about making the wearer feel comfortable and powerful in their own skin

I mean, I would hope that men don't think we're trying to trick them into thinking we really have purple eyelashes when we decide to wear Boafo Beauty's stunning purple lashes...right? Female empowerment comes in all shapes and sizes. Some women derive power in not wearing makeup and some feel power in having a full face of makeup. Both are equally as beautiful, and powerful.

Women aren't trying to look better for men. We are simply trying to look and feel better for OURSELVES, and that 63% of men need to learn that!

If you want to learn more ways to bolden your makeup looks for yourself, visit @Boafo.Beauty or @OurDivineBodies on Instagram.

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