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Is Boafo Beauty’s "Theresa" Blush a Hit or Miss?

Boafo Beauty created a blush that is "Black Girl approved," so after seeing many customer reviews I decided to give their blush a try. Was the "Theresa" blush a hit or a miss when put to the test?

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Blush can be very tricky especially for Black women like me, It’s either too pink or too red or sometimes ashy. For most of my life, I’ve just stayed away from blush, because I could never really find one that fit me. I believed I would resemble a clown with a blush on until I came across Boafo Beauty.

The Blush collection comes in three different colors: Tessie, a bright pink/ rose blush, Theresa, a pinkish-red blush, and Desi, a mauve-colored blush. I reviewed the color “ Theresa” in today's article, keep reading to find out if this blush is a hit or miss!

First impression

At first glance, I was already impressed by the arm swatches. I love how Boafo Beauty shows the swatches on a darker skin tone, labeling each one, and I felt confident in my ability to make it look good on my skin tone.

The packaging for the blush is also so nice! I love how it came with two tiers: one with the blush and one with the mirror and applicator, making it super easy to carry in my bag. Makeup can be super expensive, and when you're a college student you try to save every dime you can, so I do appreciate how affordable Boafo Beauty is. This blush is only $9, which is amazing for a cream powder blush compared to other brands!

@BoafoBeauy on Instagram

Trying it on

After doing my routine I used the soft applicator to apply the “Theresa” blush in an upwards motion to lift my face. I show a before and after photo to show how much color it brings to my face, still changing the structure a little. I chose Theresa because I wanted more red blush, and based on the swatches, this was the best one. I immediately fell in love. It didn't look ashy on me and the color showed up on my skin beautifully. I appreciate how the blush makes me feel and look more alive. And now I feel confident enough to play with more color.

Before After

I’ve been using this blush for a couple of months now and it is still doing the job, I can’t go a day without using it. Sometimes I go for a natural look and just wear it after applying my sunscreen and it gives me that natural flush. Other times I'll go full glam and it is a great balance with my contour. “Theresa” by Boafo Beauty is a hit and every brown skin girl should buy this, I give it a 10/10.

Have you tried any blushes from Boafo Beauty already? If so, let me know your first impression in the comments below. As always, if you'd like to collaborate or be featured in one of my articles feel free to contact me by email, commenting on this piece, or via Instagram!

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