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5 Best Lip Combos for Black Women

Whether you’re going for the glossy look or matte, trying out one of these lip combos will get you right. Boafo Beauty brown lip liner can help you achieve all these looks.

My favorite part of my makeup routine is doing my lips, it has been such a journey finding lipgloss and lipstick that go well with my skin tone. Some were too dark or too light, some cracked, and for many brands, I could tell I wasn’t their target audience. After doing some tremendous digging and turning to fellow Black women who had the same issues, I was able to find these affordable lip combos that I wear almost every day. Now that people are getting vaccinated, show off your beautiful lips by using these combos listed below.

Anastasia Beverly Hills lip Gloss Set & Boafo Beauty's Brown Lip Liner

Using Boafo Beauty's Brown lip liner and Anastasia Beverly Hills' Haute Holiday mini lip gloss set, I was able to achieve these two looks.

For my first look, after lining my lips with my Boafo Beauty lip liner, I used a nude pink gloss from Anastasia Beverly Hills called “sweet” and a pink glitter gloss called “ Clouds” on top to give me this rose gold lip. This combo is great for any everyday makeup look and it looks amazing in the sun.

For the second look, I lined my lips with Boafo Beauty’s brown lip liner then I used the color “Tasty” a nude lip gloss from Anastasia, on top. Then on top of that, I used Anastasia's “Bubbly,” which is a champagne glitter gloss to give me that glossy glitter look. It makes my lips look just right.

KVD & Boafo Beauty Brown Lip Liner

Lolita 2, a liquid lipstick by KVD beauty, is a terra cotta nude lip. I love wearing it because it isn't too drying on the lips, and with brow lip liner it makes my lips look full!

Smashbox Gloss Angeles Lip Gloss & Boafo Beauty brown Lip Liner

Smashbox named my favorite lip gloss hustle and glow, which is my forever motto. It is a rose gold/ duo-chrome shimmer that just glows when you add it on.

Boafo Beauty Creme Lip Gloss & Brown Lip Liner

Boafo Beauty knew what they were doing when they came out with this creme lip gloss. "Kabs" is my favorite color out of the whole collection. I would. say this is a dupe for Fenty Beauty's "Honey Waffles," but less orange. I can't wait to use this in the fall.

Overall I love all these lip combos they work well for my skin tone and Boafo Beauty's lip liner is essential. You can get yours today for $3.50 on As always, if you'd like to collaborate or be featured in one of my articles feel free to contact me by email, commenting on this piece, or via Instagram!

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