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How to Help Your Makeup Beat the Heat this Summer

It's getting hot outside folks! With most of states and cities going through a major heatwave this past week–you're going to need some tips on how to help your makeup not simply melt off you this summer.

Summer is now officially in full swing, and we are certainly getting some hot weather. With temperatures in certain parts of the country nearly reaching 100°F, our makeup routine is definitely going to need some updates to keep our freshly beat face intact as we go throughout the day in this scorching heat. We are here to provide you all with 4 tricks to add to your makeup routine to help your makeup stay.

1. Primer and Sunscreen

Finding the proper sunscreen and primer that works well for your skin is one of the key ways to helping your makeup stay on longer. You always should work with a clean fresh base, but for the summer it is a crucial step to keeping your makeup in place.

There are many types of sunscreens out there, so be sure to do your research and figure out which sunscreen is best fitted for your skin type. Primers are a bit more trial and error based, however, if you have oily skin try to steer towards a primer that is mattifying, so that way it combats the oil and shine that your skin naturally produces.

For drier skin, uses primers that will "hydrate," and "replenish" so that way you are gaining moisture back into your skin before you lay down the rest of your makeup. Priming also goes for your eyes too! Before putting on your stunning eye makeup–be sure to prime those lids!

2. Less is More

Opt for concealer over foundation this summer to help minimize the amount of heaviness that you feel on your face. Using a tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation is also a good trick to help achieve that flawless look.

Foundation is thick and weighs down on your skin, and in this heat that is the last thing that we need to be dealing with. Finding the right tinted moisturizer is similar to finding the right regular moisturizer, you go according to your skin type! Tinted moisturizer helps out when you don't want to go fully bare-faced, but still, keep your skin cool. Spot treatment only with concealer though is also a way to help cover up certain spots while still remaining light on the face.

3. Good Setting Powder

Finding a good setting powder to help lock all of your makeup in place is your KEY to a heatproof summer look. Boafo Beauty's setting powder is definitely the go-to product to add to your bag this summer (and for all other seasons TBH) and will be sure to hold your makeup no matter the weather.

Also, it doesn't feel heavy or look cake-ey on your skin like other setting powders might. Another tip is along with your setting powder, be sure to pack blotting sheets so that way in case some oil pokes through, you're covered with some blotting papers to help get rid of that excess shine.

4. Waterproof Formulas

Making sure that your products are waterproof is a foolproof way for you to be worry-free this summer. Find eyeliners, mascaras, and eyeshadows that will withstand water (AKA sweat) and you are good to go. No one wants to worry about carrying eyeliner or mascara on them to reapply in case of a smudging incident. Many of our favorite products come in a waterproof formula, but just be sure to check on the box/packaging before assuming anything is waterproof!

Don't let this heat discourage you from letting your creativity shine this year! Use these tips to continue beating that face, and showing off your incredible talents with makeup. Adding these 4 tools to your makeup kit will only strengthen your collection and help you to truly beat the heat! If you want more tips or need more makeup products to try this summer be sure to visit @Boafo.Beauty and @OurDivineBodies on Instagram!

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