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Wearing Boafo Beauty's Loose Setting Powders in the Rain - Did My Makeup Stay?

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Testing Boafo Beauty's Loose Setting Powder to see how it holds a makeup look for 5 hours.

Wear Test - Boafo Beauty's Loose Setting Powders in the Rain - Did my makeup stay?

One of the main reasons makeup and I have had a rocky relationship is because I worry easily. I am always afraid that my makeup is going to smudge off or that if I show the slightest bit of emotion, that's it, My makeup is now ruined! Some setting powders work–but they just end up making my makeup look a bit cakey and dry.

I decided to try Boafo Beauty's Loose Setting Powder and see if this could finally keep my makeup in place. Now–my makeup routine changes every day, but I mainly go for a more subtle look: some concealer, mascara, and brows. Yet, today I wanted to get the full effects of Boafo Beauty's loose setting powder, so I put on foundation, eyeshadow, concealer–you name it, I used it! I used the shade 'Simply Translucent' and applied Boafo Beauty's loose powder with a small kabuki brush after finishing off my foundation and concealer.

Hour One

This was the final product! No filter or edit on this photo at all. There were no creases or lines showing on my face and everything seemed smooth and I really felt like I had such an airbrushed look to my skin. I felt like I was glowing! I had many errands to run, so it was a great time to test out how this powder would keep my makeup for the next 5 hours.

Hour Two

I did a check-in after about two hours after I ate some lunch–I can sometimes be a messy eater, so this is where I always worry my makeup will come off–but my foundation looked great! No lines or creases, and even with the poor mall lighting, the makeup still looks great! Especially now with having to wear masks inside, it becomes hard to tell if the makeup will last, or if it will all end up onto the mask! Thankfully, even with walking around with my mask on, my makeup looks stayed put.

Hour Three

Now, here is where my day got crazy! It started off as a cool slightly sunny day in New York City and I was about 3 hours into my testing process. As I was making my way to my car, it started to completely downpour! I had no umbrella on me or even a jacket to put over my head. I began sprinting in the pouring rain to my car, and my car was parked pretty far away. As I got in I was sure that my makeup was completely ruined. However, as you can see from the picture on the right, that was far from the truth! My makeup stayed put!

Hour Four

After an interesting experience in the rain, I finally returned home and only had to do extremely minor touch-ups: just to my lips and brows. Everything else still looked completely flawless–I still had that airbrushed look and I didn't have to do a small concealer fix or anything. I even took a quick nap and didn't find any of my makeup transferring onto the pillow at all! As I said before, being a worrier when it comes to my makeup running is hard because I love to wear it, but get nervous when it begins to streak–however Boafo Beauty's setting powder made sure that didn't happen.

Hour Five

Finally, we end at the 5-hour mark, and I completed all my errands for the day. I dried off and found myself extremely happy with how my makeup turned out. From the beginning to the end–this setting powder really kept my look in place. As you can see, I am not huge on big glam and bold looks (mainly because I am still figuring out how to do it!), yet, I believe that for any look you want to accomplish–whether it is a bold or natural look–the Boafo Beauty setting powder will lock in that look and make sure it doesn't go ANYWHERE.

This summer, you'll need reliable products you can trust in this heat! If you want to learn more about Boafo Beauty's Setting Powder or try makeup looks like these, be sure to visit/tag @Boafo.Beauty or @OurDivineBodies on Instagram!

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