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7 Eye Looks for 7 days of the Week

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Boafo Beauty's Ohemaas Palette allows for dozens of color combinations to create cute and simple eye looks for the summer. Check out seven of our favorites to try out!

Boafo Beauty released its first eyeshadow palette in August 2020 and named it "Ohemaas," which means Queen in the Twi language. The founder Nelly Ghansah created this vibrant and pigmented palette to signify that queens always show up and stick out, and as a token of appreciation towards all the powerful queens in her life and her culture.

The Ohemaas palette is inclusive to all skin tones, including dark skin, and it comes with nine colors: three that are matte, three shimmers and three pressed glitters, making this palette very useful. Whether you are going for a simple look or a glam look, I've created seven eye looks throughout the week using the Ohemaas palette that you can try out!


To start my week off, I went for a bright yellow and brown look, something that would draw attention to my eyes. I used "Afua," a dark brown as my base color. After blending that in, I cut my crease using Elf's Camo Concealer in the color "Deep Chestnut," then went in with the color "Zosha," which is a yellow shimmer. To finish off the look I used a black liner to line my eyes and Boafo Beauty's Mascara to make my lashes pop.


You can never go wrong with a bright-blue liner. To create this blue-winged eyeliner, I just mixed concealer with the matte blue color called “Abigail.” Next. I lined my eyes to make my liner pop, and to give it a metallic look I added “ Adjeiwaa,” a blue shimmer. This is my favorite look of the week because you can create this look in less than 10 minutes.


On Wednesday, I decided to wear royal colors because that is everything this palette represents. I used the purple shimmer in the palette called “Stace” and blended that all over my lid. To finish the look I used Boafo Beauty’s Classic Glue liner to create a bold, winged liner.


On Thursday I went for a simple brown smokey eye using the color “Naana J.” The color showed up beautifully on my skin tone, and it was super easy to create this look. I typically use concealer as my base because certain colors don’t show up on my skin tone, but with this color, I didn't need it. The color is very pigmented and is definitely black-girl friendly.


Who doesn’t love color winged liners?! Friday is the day our weekend starts, so I wore celebratory colors to celebrate a weekend full of self-care. I decided to create a red glitter liner using “ Oba Yaa,” one of the pressed glitters in the Ohemaas palette. The glitter is super shiny and it makes your eyes pop! To create this look, I lined my eyes with the color “Wiggalese” from the ABH X Jackie Aina Palette, then I added “Oba Yaa” on top!


On Saturday, I decided to go for a silver look. I used a black eyeshadow as my base then I used the color “Kukwa” all over my lid. To make the look even better, I added Boafo Beauty’s white graphic liner to the end of my shadow!


On Sunday I went for another simple brown look using the colors " Afua" and " Naana J." To add to the look, I used a black liner and Boafo Beauty's mascara.

Overall I had an amazing time trying out the Oheemas Palette. I definitely recommended it to anyone regardless of makeup experience who loves to play with color. The palette is super affordable, and you can find it on Boafo Beauty's website. Try these looks out and let me know in the comments which one was your favorite. As always, if you'd like to collaborate or be featured in one of my articles feel free to contact me by email, commenting on this piece, or via Instagram!

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