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Meet the Writer- Alayjah Jordan

Meet content creator and beauty enthusiast Alayjah Jordan, one of the Summer 2021 Boafo Beauty Blog Writers!

Hello, My name is Alayjah Jordan. I am one of the beauty writing interns for the Boafo Beauty Blog in 2021.

Before Boafo Beauty, I worked in visual arts and communications. As a hobby, I write on a wellness blog I created in 2018, I specialize in writing, strategizing, and creating content for social media. I am transitioning from majoring in Advertising and Marketing Communications. This upcoming Fall, I will be a rising junior at the Fashion Institute of Technology, working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing, with minors in Design Thinking and Integrative Wellness.

Besides writing about wellness, I also enjoy drawing, posting creative photos on Instagram, and creating YouTube videos. My favorite content to make on YouTube is either beauty videos or commentary. My biggest interests are beauty and writing, and I’m excited to have an internship that combines both! I genuinely love anything creative or anything that involves me coming up with ideas, so being a part of a team with people with similar aspirations is motivating.

Ultimately, I am so excited to be an intern for the Boafo Beauty Blog. During this experience, my goal is to connect with new people, learn more about the beauty writing industry, and create engaging content. Want to be featured in an article of mine or collaborate? Feel free to contact me via the comments or at the links below!

Instagram- @Simplylayxx

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