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Things I Wish I Knew Before Wearing Makeup

If you were born before 2002, there is a high chance you have gone through an awkward phase with makeup because you were experimenting. We know the feeling, so for those just being introduced to makeup, here are some things you should know.

I started wearing makeup the summer between 9th and 10th grade. From the time I started until now, I felt like I made so many makeup mistakes. While there is no right way to wear makeup, there are just methods and styles that feel right for you and are more efficient. I wanted to share things I wish I knew about makeup when I was younger.

1. Eyebrows make the look

I had to include this first because I used to not use eyebrow products at all when I first started makeup. Some people have natural, full-looking brows and really don’t need much product for them to look good. My brows are very sparse, and unless I get them waxed or use a face razor, they do not really have an arch (which is my preferred brow shape on myself).

I use brow powder because I felt like pomades and pencils can easily make the brow look like a sharpie. I typically use a lighter shade to outline and fill in the sparse spots and then use darker colors on the tail. Sometimes I use a pencil on the tail and to draw on hair. I also use concealer below my brow and at the tail to define its shape.

This is different for every person, but when I look back at older pictures, the first thing I would critique is the fact that I should have used brow product, that way the look would be nicer to me today.

2.Foundation is not a Necessity

People may disagree with me on this one, but the foundation has to be my most disliked beauty product. It may cover facial scars and hyperpigmentation, but it won’t make your face look smooth if you have acne. It actually contributes to acne and can clog your pores if you don’t have a good routine down.

I would actually advise investing in good skincare products and skipping the foundation. With good skin care, you can get away with using something much lighter, like a tinted moisturizer or even just concealer.

My second reason why the foundation isn't too vital is that it’s so easy to mess up your clothes with. There would be so many times in the middle of the day I would notice some foundation going on the collar of my shirt. Especially during those hot summer days, foundation can just be an extra hot layer that can leak onto your outfit.

There are so many other things you have to do in order to make your makeup look good. Sometimes people forget to blend the foundation on their neck, which is just as important as the face. Typically people need to buy a summer foundation and winter foundation, and that can be expensive. On top of that, you have to worry about having to contour and add blush to give your face definition and color so it doesn’t look flat.

3. You still need to apply SPF even if your foundation or Moisturizer has SPF

It’s not enough to protect your skin. Always include SPF in your beauty routine and don't forget to re-apply it!

4. Simple make up can still be artistic and fun

I feel like with changes in trends, people learned how to do more with less. When I was starting to wear makeup, it was like every makeup look required a perfectly blended eyeshadow look. I feel like the 2020 and 2021 trends really pushed us into simplicity with makeup looks, and I honestly saved so much more money and time with this new process.

5. Make your eyes or your lips the focus

I used to do a bold eye look with a bold matte lip, and I realized I really didn’t have to do both. This is more of an opinion thing, but if I actually use eyeshadow or do a crazy graphic look, I don’t need to wear lipstick.

Most of the time I do like to focus on my eyes more than my lips because there is more creativity there for me, but if I just have on black liner and false lashes, I’m happy to do a bold lip color like blue or dark purple or even the classic red lip.

I believe one of the main factors in people having better makeup looks from earlier stages of life is because we now have the technology to share techniques and trends, especially through social media apps.

6. Implement Highlighter into your routine

It's a game-changer and there are so many ways to apply it.

Do you have any makeup tips that you wish you knew before? Share it on social media, be sure to tag or @simplylayxx on Instagram!

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