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The Launch of Boafo Beauty Clothing!

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Boafo Beauty is launching a tee-shirt in July that looks cute, feels comfortable, and gives a percentage of proceeds to charity!

Boafo Beauty isn't just a makeup brand. As a whole, we are devoted to creating inclusive, high-quality products that are sustainably made and cruelty-free!

Our upcoming product is a new launch for our company. On July 19th, we will be releasing our first piece of clothing - a Boafo Beauty tee-shirt!

The Boafo Beauty Shirts

These tee shirts are 100 percent cotton. They come in black and feature our company title in a pink gradient!

In addition, these tee-shirts, like the rest of our products at Boafo Beauty, contribute a donation to charity with every sale. We allocate 6 percent of the proceeds of every purchase to our designated charity of the month!

Inclusivity is extremely important to our brand. As such, these shirts are available in all sizes.

In this photo, I am wearing a size medium for a casual, oversized fit. For a more fitted look, I would get a smaller size and crop it to create a baby-tee!

You can get a Boafo Beauty tee shirt of your own for only $28! Keep an eye out for their launch this upcoming month.

Where to Wear?

The back of the shirt is printed with the Boafo Beauty logo and also displays the phrase, "Beauty for the bold and fearless." This is something we live by, and we encourage you to do the same!

You can wear your tee-shirt at the beach as a cover-up, out to lunch with your friends, or even to the gym to complete a workout. With a versatile piece like this, you can remind yourself to embody a bold and fearless lifestyle every day!

Make sure you get your own Boafo Beauty tee shirt on July 25th! When you do, show us how you style it by tagging @Boafo.Beauty on Instagram!

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Boafo Beauty
Boafo Beauty
Jun 21, 2021

🥳😍😍 so excited!

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