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Skincare Starter Kit - Back To Basics

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

The basic products and routine everyone needs for healthy skin.

Whether your skin has been going through a rough patch, and you need to restore your compromised skin barrier, or you just want a simple and easy routine, going back to the basics of skincare is the best way to do so.

Ever since the skincare world blew up last year and everyone became more interested in it, we often think we need a 10-step skincare routine with a bunch of treatments. This is false; sometimes it’s better to just have a simple routine without overwhelming your skin.

Getting Back to Basics:

The key is to choose products with simple ingredient lists that are well formulated and work for your skin.

All You Need:

  • Cleanser

  • Sometimes treatment

  • Exfoliator

  • Moisturizer

  • SPF


You should find a cleanser that does not overly strip your skin and make you feel squeaky clean. Cleanser can be the most damaging part of your skincare routine, so make sure it doesn’t dry you out and is gentle yet effective.


You should be exfoliating your skin 1-3 times a week. Read my article on chemical exfoliants to learn more.


I personally think you can still keep it simple when adding a treatment stage to your routine, but you don't have to.

In this stage, you would use any serums, retinoids, actives, or treatments that are targeted specifically for one to two skincare concerns. Your skin changes daily, so the product you use in the treatment stage can be switched daily or even left out completely depending on your skincare concerns for that specific day.


A good moisturizer has basic ingredients. All it needs is ceramides and occlusives to lock in moisture, emollients to keep the skin smooth, and humectants that draw in water. There’s no need to purchase moisturizers with all these fancy treatments and activities within them.


If you don’t use sunscreen, none of the skincare you just applied will matter. Make sure your routine is worth doing. Learn more about which type of sunscreen is best for you.

In the end, skincare is meant to keep your skin healthy and act as a form of self care. Spending that time every morning and night with yourself and caring for your precious skin is extremely Important. Always remember to have fun and use products you enjoy. If it works for you, use it and enjoy it, don't make it too serious.

If you have any questions, recommendations, or want to share some of your input, feel free to DM @Boafo.Beauty or@ninamariemakeup on Instagram.

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