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Must-Know Makeup Tips for Eyeglass Wearers

Wearing glasses shouldn't prohibit you from getting your glam on! At Boafo Beauty, we're here to give you tips to wearing bomb eyeshadow, mascara, and liners, even while wearing glasses.

As a glasses wearer myself, I found it so hard when I first starting playing with makeup to do eye makeup–especially mascara. Now, I do use contacts–but sometimes you just aren't in the mood to pop your contacts in, especially if you just scored a cute pair of frames that totally go with the outfit you have planned!

Now, through trial and error, I have learned some helpful tips that I wish I knew back when I first started wearing makeup and my eyeglasses.

Mascara Do's and Don'ts

One of the things I was most frustrated with when I started doing makeup and having glasses was mascara. You want that full voluminous look that mascaras offer, but you go ahead to put the mascara on and when you put your glasses on your lashes are too long that they poke your lenses. Talk about annoying!

However, a tip that I learned with mascara is to achieve that voluminous look–you need to have an eyelash curler in your possession. Curling your lashes before applying the mascara seems like a normal thing to do, but to ensure your lashes won't touch your lens, start the curl at the root of the lash and then curl halfway down your lashes, and VOILA! A stunning curl and volume to your lashes.

Foundation Tips

Being able to have my foundation not get wiped away on my nose or end up on my glasses was so annoying. I couldn't ever any type of cover-up without it smudging. At first, I thought that I should layer more foundation so it doesn't smudge–and that was not the right idea.

A good tip instead is to avoid those red marks and smudges is to either go extremely light with the foundation on the bridge of your nose and cheeks (and be sure to keep the foundation on their matte so your glasses aren't slipping around) or opt for a tinted moisturizer. You still get that coverage while avoiding your thick foundation rubbing off.

Conceal, Don't Feel....

One of the unfortunate things about wearing your glasses is that your dark circles (if you have them) are magnified by the lenses. So don't skip on the concealer! Applying concealer and then finishing it off with setting powder (might I recommend the Boafo Beauty Setting Powder)

helps lessen the intensity of your dark circles.

Liners Are Your BFF

Seriously, a good liner can transform your entire makeup look while wearing glasses. Today in 2021 liners are all about getting funky! So, don't think because you have glasses you have to miss out on the fun of wearing them. Using a liner with glasses actually helps it stand out so much more due to the magnification of your glasses.

A helpful tip for not looking too bug-eyed is to match the thickness of your liner to the thickness of your frames. If you've got chunky frames, opt for a thicker liner–but if you're rocking thin frames, then go light on the liner so they can complement each other.

Brows. All Day. Everyday

Now, most people who wear glasses don't even bother with their eyebrows when they do their makeup routine because they just assume their frames are going to cover them anyway. I fell victim to this myth as well, and let me tell you it is far from the truth. You can play with your brows so much and do a variety of tricks. For example, make sure you brush your eyebrows up and out and keep them neatly groomed. Potentially using the soap brow technique that is swarming TikTok could help emphasize those beautiful brows.

Through my time wearing makeup, just like everyone, I have faced trial and error. Especially while wearing glasses, it was tough at first. But by following these tips as I did, you can pull off a great look every day with or without your glasses! For more awesome tips and tricks in makeup, be sure to follow the blog and Boafo Beauty on Instagram!

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