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Meet the Writer - Emily Ninh

Meet creative artist and designer Emily Ninh, one of the Summer 2021 Boafo Beauty Blog Writers!

Hey there! My name is Emily Ninh and I’m so excited to be a writer for Boafo Beauty this summer.

I live in San Diego, California and will be attending UC San Diego in the fall. During my first year, I plan on double majoring in Political Science: Public Law and International Business. Overall, my passions revolve around anything creative and during my free time you can find me either painting or drawing. You can also find me at the beach or at the coffee shop with my friends. In addition to traditional art, I also love graphic design, music, and writing!

When I first discovered this brand, Boafo’s mission of diversity resonated with me as someone who values inclusivity and believes that everyone should be represented in the beauty industry, regardless of color or gender.

I chose to write for Boafo Beauty because I love how makeup, like any other kind of art, is a form of self expression and individuality. Because of this, I’m so excited to merge my love for both fashion and writing through writing for Boafo!

Contact me at the links below!



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