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8 Ways to Implement Highlighters into Your Summer Makeup Routine

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

In the summer, the weather is warmer, the days are longer, and everything shines brighter, including you. Implementing a highlighter into your routine is the easiest way to glow this summer with ease.

Highlighters are beauty products that enhance your complexion by brightening your skin and allowing for a dewy, luminous look. Highlighter comes in many different forms, such as powder, cream, or even liquid. Choosing a highlighter is easy once you figure out your skin type. For me, I have oily skin, so in the summer, I prefer to use powder highlighter for a long-lasting effect, because cream and liquid highlighters proved to be a little too much for me.

Besides your skin type, I recommend choosing highlighters based on your undertones as well. Some people may have a warm skin tone while others may be cool-toned, so what’s suited for one person may not be suited for you. If you are a beginner, starting with a highlighter kit will be your safest bet to test out what works best for you. As for the other shades, there are so many ways to implement them into your routine.

Different Places to Apply Highlighter

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1. Use Highlighter in Your Inner Corners

I prefer to put the lightest colors in my inner corner. To me, this technique makes my eyes look brighter and more lively, and my look is not complete without it because when I do make-up, my main focus is my eyes. If you haven’t tried it, it really ties the look together.

2. Use Highlighter on Your Eyelids

If you are too lazy to blend eyeshadow, or you just want a dewy, natural make-up look, using a highlighter on your eyelids is probably the best option for you. When using a highlighter palette there are multiple shades which is great for variety. A great alternative instead is to use colors that are too light or too dark for the face on your eyelids. Tip: if you want it to glow brighter, put on an illuminator or primer before applying the highlighter.

3. Apply Highlighter on the Bridge of your Nose

This is a common practice when people contour the nose. For the sports that are lighter, you can apply a highlighter to it to emphasize the shape of your nose.

4. Apply Highlighter on the Tip of Your Nose

Like applying highlighting to the bridge, applying a highlighter to the tip of your nose is meant to further emphasize the nose. The difference is, it's not about the shape, and you can get creative. One thing that was popular was creating a heart shape at the tip of your nose and applying a highlighter to it.

5. Use Highlighter on the Arch of your Brow

This can be above or below the brow. Personally, I prefer below but everyone has their own makeup style.

6. Put Highlighter on your Cupid Bow

Using a highlighter on your cupid bow (the place your lip) is a popular technique when you want to emphasize your lips.

7. Use Highlighter when you Contour your Face

Contouring was a huge thing back in 2016 and some people still enjoy that technique. Highlighter should be used above the apples of your cheeks/ cheekbones. Some people also like to bring up the highlighter from the cheekbones, extending towards the temples.

8. Apply a Highlighter to Your Collar-bone

Who said highlighter was just for your face? Whether you are wearing a tank top, dress, or even a swimsuit, you can apply a highlighter to your collarbone to give your body just as much glow.

Highlighter: “Less is More?"

When it comes to highlighter less can be more more. However, as someone who loves makeup as a creative outlet, I would advise you to go off of what vibe you want to give off. When I was filming for a Youtube Video, I wanted to test out the Boafo Beauty highlighters in various ways, applying the highlighters with different techniques, and ended up creating a fairy aesthetic makeup look using mainly the highlighter palette, Boafo Beauty Eyeliners, and the Naked Cherry Palette, and it was really fun to challenge myself to get creative.

So yes, less is more for an everyday makeup look, but don’t let it stop you from trying new ways to implement highlighter into your routine.

How will you be adding highlighter to your routine this summer? Be sure to tag or @simpylayxx to share your look!

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