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How Influencers Turned Marketing Upside Down

How has social media upended traditional marketing methods through influencers? Let's dive into the rise of the social media influencer and their abilty not just to market a product, but themselves.

With the rise of social media, beauty influencers have turned the marketing world upside down. No longer do people turn to magazines or televised ads for beauty or fashion advice, now many turn to YouTube or Instagram for the season’s latest trends and hottest beauty products.

The Rise of Social Media

Because of social media, PR managers now have access to a 24-hour platform to constantly market towards select audiences through interactive content. Beauty influencers allow these companies to reach audiences in a more personable and genuine way, enticing followers already invested in the influencer’s story and values to purchase a certain product.

The Shift from Celebrities to Influencers

Celebrity endorsement marketing first became mainstream in the 1980s when big brands began looking for new strategies to capture consumers’ attention. Not only did celebrities immediately pique fans’ attention, but the use of celebrity endorsements also allowed brands to pair the positive emotions of seeing one’s favorite celebrity with their product. One of the most notable examples in American history could be Nike's Air Jordans.

However, social media transformed this narrative through the belief that anyone could become a celebrity in their own right. Not long ago, social media influencers like Dixie and Charli D’Amelio were ordinary people posting videos with friends, but now endorse their own clothing brands with Hollister and launched past collaborations with Morphe.

At the Micro Level

Even at the micro-level, influencers can appeal to their community of like-minded people to sway consumer choices and trends. Consumers are no longer mere numbers and statistics, but people with unique values and beliefs. Additionally, influencers not only share fans like celebrities but are also regarded as experts of their craft and trusted sources of authority.

While celebrity-endorsed brands such as Rihanna's Fenty continue to bring in hundreds of millions each year, people continue to subscribe to small influencers for the personal touch they bring when it comes to drawing in new followers. With a smaller following, micro-influencers can better engage with followers through replies to comments or reposts, resulting in a loyal audience.

At Boafo Beauty, we value diversity and the belief that everyone has a place in the beauty and fashion world. Our marketing caters to makeup lovers from any and all backgrounds, regardless of identity or makeup ability. To learn more about how we market our products, be sure to follow our page on Instagram, where we share and market our own collections as well as content from like-minded influencers


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