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Goodbye, Love Emily Ninh

The past few months of the Boafo Beauty Blog internship have taught me so much! Learn about my experience as a Boafo Beauty Intern this summer, and what is next for Emily Ninh.

These last few weeks flew by and I can’t believe my time at the Boafo Beauty Blog internship is over already! I decided to apply for this internship on a whim

after seeing posts on the Boafo Instagram and thought it would be a great opportunity to practice my writing over the summer.

Writing and building a personal brand have always fascinated me and I’m so grateful to Boafo Beauty for allowing me to write for them. Overall, I really loved Boafo Beauty's dedication to diversity and am so glad that I got the opportunity to learn more about the company.

So, How Did it Go?

As the youngest intern, I was nervous meeting everyone, and apprehensive that I wouldn’t fit in with all of the other great interns who likely had experience in the beauty industry already. However, I am so happy to have met such a kind and hardworking group of people who were really passionate about makeup and uplifting others! I’ve learned that passion is contagious, meaning that when I saw how much work Nelly and others have put into building this company, it motivated me to invest more time into my own passions.

From writing articles for the blog to participating in workshops, I learned so much about what it takes to build a strong professional image for oneself and about the makeup industry as a whole. I also greatly admire the team who made this internship possible and extended opportunities to further our own careers outside of the internship through advice and access to exclusive events.

What Comes Next?

After this internship, I’ll be preparing for my first year at UC San Diego and enjoying the rest of my summer before college begins. This fall, I will be studying Political Science and prospectively double majoring in International Business. I’ll miss the welcoming environment that Boafo Beauty provided for all of the interns and definitely recommend applying for any other internships they may have in the future!

If you want to contact me, feel free to reach out to me on Instagram!

Goodbye for now!


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