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Daley Grace: Finding Your Online Community

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

It is said that it takes a village to raise a child and growing an online presence is no different! The interactions you have with other people are important and community is a key aspect of social media.

In 2020, a girl named Olivia reached out to me to join a support group on Instagram, and from then, it has been lovely to get to know her and all the other women making impactful and intentional content.

Thanks to her group, I was also able to meet fellow member Daley Grace on Instagram, who is a nano influencer. Daley Grace posts posh-fashion content and has always displayed lovely dresses, but her most admirable qualities are her authenticity and ongoing dedication to her social media. She posts almost every day, so we sat down with her to ask a few questions on the importance of community as an influencer.

Meet Daley Grace

BB: Hello Daley, thank you so much for agreeing to answer a few questions. The first question is what made you want to start your account and why did you choose the niche you're in?

Daley: My apologies if my answer is too long but, I originally started my account to run alongside my beauty blog - Every Damn Daley. But I noticed that I wasn't getting much interest on my Instagram, but my blog was getting 1k visitors a day. It was incredibly frustrating, but then I started to notice that whenever I would post pictures of my outfits, I would get more engagement. And so, though I'd never considered making a fashion account, that's what people seemed to be responding to, so I decided to listen.

Since making that decision a year ago, my following has tripled and is still growing. I think people connect with me because I'm doing more than just posting what I'm wearing: dressing up is a big part of my self-care and maintaining my mental health. It keeps me motivated, and I'm quite open about that on my page and I think people connect with that. I'm also really into sustainability when it comes to clothing, and I have stumbled across a community of really great women who are into the same. It has been amazing.

BB: It’s okay. I never knew you had a beauty blog! Can you tell me more about connecting with your community? Who in your community has inspired you and why?

Daley: Yeah the blog has been inactive for a while now so I don't promote it, but it still gets decent engagement. I'm hoping to get back to it soon.

In terms of community, I've built up little relationships over time with people I have shared interests with. But it all really snowballed (in a good way) when I got my first dress from a brand named Kemi Telford. She reposted a picture of me and it kind of opened up the door to this community of fashion-obsessed insanely supportive women. So many of them are women of color - and it has been so beautiful to connect with them because we can all relate to being underrepresented in fashion to some degree, you know..? Yvonne, owner of Kemi Telford is so unbelievably inspiring - she started her brand without any fashion background, £50 and no bank loans, and modeled all the clothes herself. Janice Tong who runs The Gaia Edit Instagram account is amazing and provides a lot of education on sustainability and ethics in the industry. It's incredibly inspiring.

BB: That’s amazing! What is your favorite thing about being an influencer and do you have any goals for the future of your account?

Daley: It's hard to pick just one thing! It has to be the confidence it has given me. Not that my confidence relies on the validation of social media, but more that I've been brave enough to be myself - to let myself become and portray the version of myself I want to be - and that people have responded and connected with that. It also motivates me to take care of myself, you know? Because in order to put out good content, I have to actually get up, get showered, put on makeup, get dressed...

In terms of the future of my account, I want to use it to challenge the aesthetics of fashion, as we know it. To broaden the definitions of sophistication, class, and polish. I'd very much like to work with clothing brands to push sustainability and diversity; to create a representation that is meaningful and not just token-istic. Mainly, I just want to keep connecting with people that respond to what I'm putting out.

BB: That’s a lovely answer. I’m so happy I got a chance to interview you because your content is truly an inspiration for being your most authentic self.

Daley: Thank you so much for having me!

Surround yourself with like-minded people

Social media in the past placed everyone as competition that will stop your growth but as we progress, we learn people in your niche aren’t your enemy. In fact, they may be the best people to form a relationship with because they have similar mindsets and understand the struggle of social media. They will be the people who understand your goals and dreams more than your immediate friends or family.

Remember: It doesn't matter who wants to do the same as you because you will do it in your own way. Following the strategies will only get you so far. Your ambition, originality, and creativity will create a legacy.

Who is your favorite influencer? If you share them on social media, be sure to tag or @simpylayxx!


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