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Charity of the Month: The Trevor Project

Join us this Pride and support the Trevor Project!

In honor of Pride Month, Boafo Beauty is thrilled to announce that we will be donating a portion of our proceeds to the Trevor Project, the United States' leading foundation for supporting LGBTQ+ youth. Dedicated to providing affirming and life-saving resources for young people under 25, the Trevor Project offers a 24/7 crisis intervention hotline open for both calls and messaging. The foundation also offers a variety of suicide prevention and community resources in an ongoing effort to provide safe spaces for teens.

Why do We Need Pride?

In particular, LGBTQ+ youth are especially vulnerable to mental health-related crises due to a lack of affirming adults in their lives, detrimental political policies, and countless other challenges. LGBTQ+ youth of color are the most affected, as the Trevor Project reports that Native/Indigenous, Black, and multiracial youth were the most likely ethnic groups to attempt suicide in the past year. Due to COVID-19, 70% reported poor mental health in the past year.

During June, Pride Month is a time of celebration for all LGBTQ+ individuals as we call for an end to the worldwide persecution of LGBTQ+ people that persists to this day and commemorate those who fought for equal rights in the past. Ultimately, this month serves as a reminder that all LGBTQ+ deserve the same dignity, equality, and respect as any other human being. Additionally, Pride Month is a time of learning about the serious challenges that compromise the safety of LGBTQ+ individuals across the world and highlights the resiliency of a community defined by love and acceptance for all.

It takes only one person to make a difference in a young person’s life, and Boafo Beauty has always stood firm in our belief that everyone has a voice, regardless of ethnicity, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Pick up any one of our products today and join us in the movement to support LGBTQ+ youth in urgent need of free mental services and counseling. Pick up any one of our bright water-activated liners or colorful lashes to celebrate the month!

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