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A Week of Creating Looks with Boafo Beauty Bright-Liners

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Creating looks with my Boafo Beauty Liners everyday for a week and rating them based off my first impressions

This was my first time using the Boafo Beauty Water Activated Liners, I was so excited to try them that I was tracking my package and waiting all day for it to arrive. When I opened the holographic envelope, each liner pot was inside a cute, blush pink organza bag. I opened all of them as fast as I could and took them to my vanity, swatching every color on my hand.

I’ve been looking for affordable neon cake liners like these for a long time. I love how they are extremely affordable and really fun to play with. The colors are so bright, and perfect for summer! I’m definitely adding these to my professional kit to use for future photoshoots.


At first impression, I had a hard time deciding which color to use first because I wanted to use all of them. I thought maybe I'd do one color a day and then I’d combine colors for the end of the week, but then I got really excited and used two colors together. I haven’t felt this excited and inspired to do cool looks for a while. I feel like the makeup industry has been over-saturated for a while and I haven’t been even remotely interested in any new releases at all. This was different. I was excited about affordable neon colors to play with. I feel like that’s an extremely important point to bring up because any makeup product that gets me excited again has an emotional pull to it that, in my eyes, makes it a successful product. They are also so easy to use. I feel like whenever I’m bored, I’ll probably whip these babies out and just draw all over my face.

For this look, I used the pink and orange Boafo Beauty Liners. As the base shadow, I used Colourpop’s Supershock eyeshadow in “Frog,” and swept some blush across the lower lashline. For the face, I used Coloupop’s Blush Stix in “Aloha,” and paired it with a Givenchy lipstick in the shade “Mandarine Bolero,” topped with my favorite Kopari lip glossy.


On Tuesday, I ended up doing a Strawberry-inspired look. I used Halsey’s about-face Shadowstick in “Acidic” as a base color and accented the look with the yellow Boafo Beauty Liner and paired it with cherry colored liquid lipstick for the liner dots, waterline, and lips. I topped the lip with Kopari lip glossy and mixed Glossier cloud paints in “Puff” and “Dusk” for blush.


Wednesday, I did a quick get-ready look to go run some errands. I used the white Boafo Beauty Liner to accent my everyday hot pink shadow liner. The white really added some texture and fun while still keeping the look simple and easy. For blush, I used the same Colourpop Blush Stix in “Aloha” that I'm in love with. For lips, I used The Face Shop's “Pure Berry” lip tint and topped it guys know the drill by now--Kopari’s lip glossy (an essential for my looks).


On Thursday, I used the yellow and green Boafo Beauty Liners with “Diamond Glow” in the inner corners from the Boafo Beauty Monarch Highlighter Palette. I paired these eyes with Colourpop’s “Gumdrop Pass” blush and a quick glide over with the Kopari lip glossy. I felt like I’ve been doing bright lips the past few days because that’s my favorite look in the summer, so I decided to just stick with clear gloss for a change this time around. It’s a simple yet put-together liner look that didn’t take a lot of time but looks like it did.


On Friday, I used the orange, white, and yellow BB liners for a really fun design. Once again, I used the Colourpop Blush Stix in “Aloha” and Givenchy lipstick in shade “Mandarine Bolero," topped with my favorite Kopari lip glossy.


On Saturday, I mixed both the green and orange liners with the white liner to make them more pastel so they would match my shirt. The other products I used on my face have all been mentioned previously, including Coloupop’s Blush Stix in “Aloha," Givenchy lipstick in the shade “Mandarine Bolero,” and Kopari lip glossy.

Overall, I give these liners a 10/10. It was really fun using these liners and I loved how I didn't have to break the bank to do so. I will definitely be using the Boafo Beauty cake liners all summer long!

Are you trying out of my makeup looks? Be sure to tag @Boafo.Beauty or @ninamariemakeup on Instagram when you do!

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