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Beauty Products to Pack for a Getaway

For the last year, many things were at a stand still. Now that covid restrictions have changed and people are getting vaccinated, many people are looking to travel for the summer. In this article, we will be reviewing skincare and makeup to carry with you.

After a very stressful year and an overwhelming semester, taking a trip is a great idea. Vacations don’t mean you have to travel far; this weekend I went with a friend for a weekend getaway at a hotel, and I wanted to share the beauty and skincare products I brought with me. Packing on its own can be stressful because sometimes you overestimate or underestimate what you will need. Usually, I struggle with that myself. However, for this trip, I carried the perfect amount of product with me.


Boafo Beauty Monarch Highlighter Palette

I chose to bring a highlighter on my getaway because my favorite neutral look is using highlighters instead of eyeshadow. I used the shade Galore with an illuminator as a primer. I also used the color Soar in the inner corner of my eye. I love this palette because it has a variety of shades. This is good for replacing shimmery shades, but if you want to shade your outer corner, you may need to bring matte eyeshadow colors.

Anastasia Brow Freeze

Soapy brows are one of the top trends of 2021 so far. This brow product is more long-lasting than brow gel. The brow wax is clear and unscented and gives you the illuminated brow effect everyone is loving. I used to not apply brow gel because of how quickly it went off of my unruly brows, but this product is so strong that I don’t have to shape my brows every two weeks at the salon for it to look the way I want.

Anastasia Brow Powder Duo (Chocolate)

This product has been one of my favorites since my senior year in high school. There are many options for brow products, but I prefer powder because it is the most natural-looking. I like this one specifically because it has two different shades of brown. I use the lighter one to outline and fill in the spots in my brow and the darker shade on the tail of my brow and to intimate hairs. Once I used this, I couldn’t go back to brow pomades.

Boafo Beauty MAR Lashes

I bought these along with multiple lashes, but I chose this set because it was perfect for more of a natural look. I feel like these make a perfect everyday look and more intimate as lash extensions without the risks. It was my first time wearing lashes in a long time, but they were really easy to put on.

Boafo Beauty Classic Glue liner

I love this product because I prefer liquid liners. This is also very long-lasting because it is glue. On vacation, it was my first time trying it with false lashes. It stayed on pretty well, but I should've put more toward my inner-eye corner, but because of my eyeliner style, I usually don't go all the way towards my inner-eye corner when using eyeliner. It was pretty windy when I was leaving the restaurant, but it managed to stay on until we got back in.

Fenty Beauty Lip Gloss

I love using lip balm with a shimmery gloss over it. The Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer is the first gloss I purchased without it feeling sticky. I got it in 3 shades so far, but the one I’ve been using most is Hot Chocolit, which is a shimmering rich brown. All of their glosses have a shimmer, but if you want more of a solid-shaded gloss-colored gloss, Nell or Viola from Boafo Beauty is a great alternative.

Rare Beauty Concealer

This is the latest concealer I’ve been testing out. I love the brand message of Rare Beauty and its intuitive. It gives really nice coverage to the point I don’t feel like I need to wear foundation. The only thing I would want to change is the size of the brush because it’s so easy to use a lot of products when you don’t need to.

Skincare Products

When you wear makeup, you also need to have a good skincare routine to avoid your pores clogging and breakouts. There are essential products that you need to keep in your routine, but due to my oily skin, I have to add a little bit extra in order to keep my skin glowing and clear.

FAB Pure Skin Face Cleanser

I have loved this cleanser so much since I opened it. I actually finished it on this trip. It lasted me for months. This product is fragrance-free, so if you have a sensitivity to fragrances, this is a good one to try. I also love the texture of the cleanser because it was very light and airy and includes an antioxidant booster.

Dermalogica Breakout Clearing All over toner

If you have acne, this toner is good because it includes salicylic acid. I love the functionality of this product because it’s a spray, so you don’t have to use cotton balls or pads to apply it to your skin.

Inkey list niacinamide serum

This was a recommendation from @ninamariemakeup, and I have been using it ever since. Niacinamide’s properties make it a favorable treatment for skin conditions like acne and hyperpigmentation. While many people recommend it for dry or sensitive skin because the ingredient is known to be less harsh, I still like to use it because it makes my skin glow.

FAB Ultra Repair Cream

I used it for the first time on this trip. So far I enjoy it, but I haven’t been using it long enough. It's been extremely hydrating.

Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen

This one is my favorite one to use on my face and neck because I hate sunscreens with a white cast. I love this one because of the texture of it and the fact it’s clear, however, I find it to be very expensive. There are probably sunscreens with similar functions for a better price, but this one is still great. Sunscreen is one of the most important steps in your routine which many people seem to forget about.

There are some more things you definitely need to pack for a getaway but I wanted to focus on the beauty aspect.

If you go on vacation, share your look and products, and be sure to tag or @simplylayxx on Instagram!

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