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5 TikTok Makeup Trends to Try This Summer

We all know that since quarantine, TikTok has been racking in millions of users and downloads. The social media giant has 1 billion monthly active users, and around 200 million downloads from the U.S, so its safe to say the app has effectively taken over the world. This means that many trends, ideas, movements, and more start and grow traction when picked up by TikTok. Any company, brand, or budding influencer knows that to grow their platform–they need to be in the TikTok game.

Now, makeup is something that is in fact booming on TikTok–many people are learning basic makeup skills, and a lot of makeup's newest trends are being born on TikTok. This summer, we want to give you all a guide to the hottest and trendiest TikTok looks so you can be sure to keep your makeup looks stunning and up to date.

1. Graphic Liners

Graphic Liners are HOT right now. They are the go to way to make any makeup look stand out. Many of the TikTok makeup tutorials you see now will feature some form of a graphic liner. So instead of sticking to the routine cat-eye look–the graphic liner allows for a bolder and more dramatic look to a makeup routine.

TikTok makeup guru @maytahmi has so many different ways to rock a graphic liner this summer, be sure to check her out. Additionally, my fellow beauty writer Nina Alessi, wrote an article reviewing Boafo Beauty’s graphic liners–which come in five beautiful shades–so be sure to check that out for inspiration.

2. Colorful Lashes

Colored lashes are also in-style now. Whether you achieve them from colored mascara or some false colored lashes–these are a must add to your routine this summer! It makes for a fun and colorful look–and you stand out without needing to have the steady hand that comes with graphic liners.

Now, colorful lashes are something that Boafo Beauty does best. We have six different colored lashes (and for an affordable price) to choose from and they will most definitely complete your trendy summer look.

3. Faux Freckles

Now– I know what you are thinking–faux freckles have been around for a while. However, if you take a look at any TikTok makeup video–usually you will see someone go to add in some faux freckles towards the end of their routine. For the folks (like myself) who already have freckles, voila! We are done–no added steps for us. For those who don't–maybe play around with adding some faux freckles to your routine this summer, and see how it turns out!

There are so many products out there now that specifically cater to providing faux freckles–so stick to those ones and don't try some of the DIY methods...allegedly someone once tried to do stick and poke freckles on themselves. Let's just say that isn't probably the best way to achieve some faux freckles this summer.

4. Blush Placement

Your blush placement matters a lot for your summer look. TikTok makeup artist @lenkalul teaches us on her account how placing the blush high up along the cheeks gives a more "lifted" look, while placing it in a straight line on our cheek gives us a "shorten face" look. Placing blush right in the cheek bones "accentuates" them, and placing them right on the cheeks gives that "sun-kissed" look we all know and love.

Boafo Beauty has three shades of blush for you to try these varying blush placements this summer. Be sure to check them out.

5. Soap Brows

Some of you may be asking yourselves "what in the world are soap brows?" However, if you have been searching for a way to achieve those Cara Delevingne brows, look no further than this beauty hack.

Soap brows are created exactly how they sound like they would be. Instead of using brow products on your eyebrows, you opt for some soap. Many MUA's swear by this method because it truly forces your eyebrows to stay held in that upward, fluffy, full position. This technique has been around for a bit, but TikTok has made this a growing trend this year and many makeup artists can be seen featuring soap brows in their routine.

If you want to keep up to date with makeup trends and the hottest new looks this summer be sure to follow @Boafo.Beauty and @OurDivineBodies on Instagram.

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