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5 Hottest Makeup Trends of 2021

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Warning! These artists did not come to play!

In this article, I talk about the hottest trends in makeup and beauty throughout the first half of the year!

In this article, I talk about the hottest trends in makeup and beauty throughout the first half of the year!

Some of 2021's makeup trends have changed the makeup game. We can see that the new theme is anything but normal this year, from using soap to get the fluffy brow look to bedazzling lips using glitter. People are in fact outside this summer, vaccinated, and getting ready to have a hot girl summer. So if you plan on joining them, how about trying something new this summer to get out of your comfort zone? These are 5 of the hottest makeup trends this year you need to try!

5 of the Hottest Makeup Trends in 2021 (so far)

1. Graphic Liner

rhinestone eye makeup look
@wendysworld_xox on Instagram

I think the graphic liner is the coolest trend yet, just because you can be as creative with it as you want. There isn’t a correct way to do it. Wendy Asumadu uses Glisten cosmetics wet liner to create her look! P.S., it looks just as good with a face mask on!


2. Rhinestone Eye Art

@LenaLou__ on Instagram

Our eyes are doing all the talking this summer. Lena Lou shows us that abstract eye makeup is dominating this 2021: she created this cool eye look using rhinestones to make a butterfly, and to add to her glowing skin she uses Boafo Beauty's Monarch Highlighting Palette in the shades Bubbly and Grace!


3. Soapy Brows

@Jodiewoods on Instagram

The soapy brow look is still trendy, even in 2021. It gives you the most natural look while still snatching your brows. Most people use bar soap with a damp spoolie to create this look, sometimes even eco- styling gel. Either way, it gets the job done. To finish the look, don't forget to conceal under your brow!


4. Liquid Blush

@fantadapop on Instagram

Use liquid blush to give you that soft dewy look while still lifting your face. I love Rare Beauty's blush in the shade “ Love,” and Boafo Beauty's blush in the shade, "Theresa!"


5. Glitter Lips

This 2021 makeup trend will grab anyone's attention. A Black-owned cosmetic brand called Stay Golden Cosmetics has taken over Tik Tok: creators have fallen in love with their lip kits, specifically the color "Baeby," which is now sold out. These glitter lip kits look perfect on all skin tones, and they're said to be very comfortable. NY-based MUA Maiya Lourdes tries the lip kit out on her page, and she says she feels luxurious!


Let me know in the comments if you plan on trying any of these makeup trends! I'd love to see you all recreate these looks!

As always, if you'd like to collaborate or be featured in one of my articles feel free to contact me by email, commenting on this piece, or via the link below!

Instagram: @Fantadapop


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