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3 Essential Ways to Help Improve Your Makeup Looks: Skincare Edition

Wondering why your makeup isn't lasting all day like it's supposed to? Check out these three skincare steps that might just help solve that problem.

Skincare has recently become a huge factor in the makeup industry. Beauty lovers everywhere are realizing that a good skincare regime not only helps you to feel good–but it can also help your makeup stay on longer. Here are three essential ways to help take your makeup looks to the next level simply by using an efficient skincare regime.

1. Cleanser

Having a solid and reliable cleanser is a huge step to help ensure that your makeup lasts for the entire day. You need to allow yourself the ability to start with a fresh and blank canvas before applying your makeup. If you find your foundation to be cracking or creasing constantly, take a look at your cleansing routine.

Finding the right product that addresses and targets your unique individual needs is vital–and the first step is to find out what brand best suits your skincare needs. Many skincare experts suggest staying away from skincare lines that packed with fragrances, therefore, be sure that you are doing your research into the ingredients that are in the products before you make a purchase!

2. Exfoliating

Now, exfoliation is a heavily debated topic for dermatologists and skincare experts. The universal answer is to exfoliate two to three times per week. However, we each have unique skin and we need to listen to our individual needs and what our skin is trying to tell us. The benefits that come from exfoliating are the removal of dead skin and dirt, cleaning your pores, and helping improve the overall appearance of your skin.

All of these things equal a better canvas for your makeup to go on! Makeup is an art form, and just as a painter needs a clean surface to begin their artwork–applying lasting makeup needs a healthy blank canvas to attach onto.

3. Moisturizer and Sunscreen

Finally, the last (and arguably most important step!) is to find the perfect moisturizer to hydrate your skin and keep it full of life and feeling good. Finding a good moisturizer for your specific skin type can become tricky–whether you have oily or dry skin–there is a specific moisturizer that will target your suitable needs. Be sure to do research–most moisturizers will write what type of skin they target specifically. Most of the type, moisturizers that target dry skin will be thicker, and oily skin moisturizers will be slightly lighter/thinner to the touch.

Additionally, on top of moisturizer sunscreen is vital to anyone's everyday skincare routine! There is a huge difference between mineral vs chemical sunscreen, and be sure to do the research before you pick which type will be most suitable for your skin. Sunscreen is not a skincare step to be skipped–it is vital in helping create a healthy and clean base for your makeup to adhere to.

We all want to have flawless makeup application–and starting with a healthy skincare regime will help us get there! Now there are many other skincare steps you can add to this–this is simply just a guide to help you start you off and then you can go on to add eye creams, toners, serums, etc.

P.S Some great skincare influencers you can check out are LABeautyologist, Cassandra Bankson, and Skincare by Hyram, – Remember: channels are just a guide, if you want to seek individual attention for your skincare, see an esthetician dermatologist, or professional who can address your specific skin type and give suggestions unique to you.

If you have any questions or want any recommendations for skincare products you can DM @Boafo.Beauty or @OurDivineBodies on Instagram.

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